Jaikishaan Sharma’s life took a serious change in 2015 when he was the victim of a serious car accident that left him paralyzed. It forced him to come to terms with the fragility of life and how easily it can all be taken away from us. He knew he was at a crossroads and decided to take hold of his life and shape his own destiny. Not long after Dream-chair Club was born and in a few short years the community he is part of has grown over 95,000 people worldwide.

Sharma is passionate about helping people live their life to the fullest and create a life that truly makes them happy. For many people, work is a large portion of their lives. For most of those people, the work they do is not something they enjoy. If you find yourself nodding along as you read this, you’re not alone. Sharma helps people, stuck in the joyless, lifelong grind of working a 9-to-5, break free of corporate chains and forge their own paths to greatness.

Jaikishaan Sharma

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Edison and Mary

With two master's degrees, I worked in the corporate world as an underpaid employee and missed out on our kids milestones in their schools. I just wanted a plan B. But in less than 15 months I quit my full-time job and my husband stopped his 2 other jobs. Now we are more relaxed, spend more time with our kids, help family back in Africa.

Edison and I used to work in a beef processing plant. Working overtime on weekends and even on holidays. Now we spend our days together at home and get to travel anytime we want.

The unlimited potential of this online system allowed us to take control and write the last half of our own story our way. It was our turning point and the exact moment when our years of struggle became our strength. Now we THRIVE!

Wade and Karen

Sharma boasts a prominent background in the world of sales and marketing where he learned many lessons that he has made his own, and now teaches in his groups today. He worked full-time for almost a decade before the car accident when everything in his life was flipped upside-down. Not only did he have to deal with recovering, but his livelihood was at risk. He didn’t like that. No one should have to worry how they’re going to survive or make money, especially when life throws unforeseen challenges their way.

You will never always be Motivated unless you start believing in YOURSELF!

Jaikishaan Sharma

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